• Shane Marshall

What material?

So, my design has passed my vigorous testing and I’m on to finalising my material. With a degree in Product Design Futures I know a thing or two about sustainable materials, and cork topped my list time and again.

I’ve always wanted to use cork in a project and now I’ve found the perfect opportunity. Soft to touch and aesthetically beautiful cork was a no brainer, and the perfect partner for the similarly attractive Apple products. Not to mention in its natural form cork, is sourced from the bark of the cork oak tree, so the trees never have to be cut down and the bark just grows back over time.

Cork is also versatile, when mixed with a binder, cork can take on many different forms, being easily heat pressed and moulded. Not only that, this magical material is heat and water resistant, as well as hardwearing and flexible. What’s not to like!

I think it’s time for some samples…

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